Basic Steps for a Short Sale Transaction

A real estate professional who specializes in short sales and is well-qualified can help you with the basic steps for a short sale transaction.

1. Complete a property valuation analysis — lenders will only approve a short sale if the borrower owes more than the property’s fair market value.

2. Contact the lender for a short sale application.

3. Collect all of the financial data and other information required by the lender — including a fact-based letter detailing borrower’s hardship and current financial situation.

4. List the property for sale with a REALTOR®.

5. Receive and ratify a purchase contract from a qualified buyer.

6. Send the purchase contract to the lender, along with all of the lender-required documentation.

7. Be persistent, but patient.  Short sales tend to take a long time to get approved by the lender.

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