Can You Sell Your House In A Weekend?

The 48 hour challenge

You can do a lot in 48 hours. Travel magazines are always running articles about what you can do in a city in 48 hours: “Two days in Athens” or “48 hours in Seattle.” Another popular thing to do in 48 hours is make something over…a room, your wardrobe, even your marriage. “Redo your closet in a weekend” and  “Build a website in a weekend” are captivating titles because everyone loves to accomplish something in a short amount of time. And two days is hardly a huge commitment.

Do you want to sell your house — today?

Are you struggling under the burden of a property you don’t want or need anymore? Stop just thinking about getting rid of fit. Just do it.

Before you call a REALTOR®, or start Googling “short sale” and “avoid foreclosure,” etc. please call me. I can save you time and spare you all the “expert” recommendations I guarantee they are going to give you. Things like:

  • “You’re going to need to stage your home,
  • fix the roof,
  • move out first,
  • don’t move out yet,
  • call your bank…”
  • etc. ALL WRONG!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already started your research. (Glad you found us.) Our specialty is buying houses. Quickly, and with cash. But that doesn’t tell you what we really do. Anyone can buy a house. Maybe not quickly, or for the price you can live with…but with enough time and trouble, you can usually get it done.

But we usually get feedback like this: Our customers tell us, “You’ve solved my problem.”

Give me 48 hours and I’ll make you an offer. I’ll explain the options that could work for you (because they’ve worked for literally hundreds of customers in the past couple of years) and I’ll give you the price that I’ll pay for your house. No commitment needed from you.

Sound easy? It is. Risk-free? It is.

Selling your house is easier than you think, but getting someone to make you an offer is even easier.

Think about it…you have nothing to lose. You can say “thanks, but no thanks” and you certainly won’t offend me.

As an addition, your confidentiality is 100% guaranteed. Your inquiry is safe and securely received by Markette Properties and we absolutely do not share any information with anyone. We don’t add you to our email list unless you request it, and we don’t try to “sell you” on a deal you don’t feel comfortable with. Get your questions answered here.

Two days is all you need to change your life, catch a criminal, or see a city…or get an offer made on your house. So are you up for the 48-hour challenge? Pick up the phone and find out if I can solve your biggest house headache in two days flat.

We can buy your house fast in Texas! Markette Properties presents an unique, simple approach for selling your home because we are real estate investors. Yes we buy houses in Texas just like yours! And yes we are dedicated to the highest professional real estate standards for all of our clients.

Do you want to sell your house fast in Texas for top dollar with the least hassle? Give us a call! (210) 853-2788 or click the button below.


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