How To Get Away From “Getting Behind”

This weekend, Americans honor our military who died in service to this country.

Besides remembering our heroes, San Antonians also celebrate the first official weekend of summer with an extra day of recreation. It’s ironic that they made the ultimate sacrifice, while we get a three-day weekend. Keep them in your hearts today.

Will you be going to a parade? Visiting a cemetery? Strolling the arts and crafts festival on the Riverwalk? BBQ-ing with the neighbors? Going to see Iron Man 3 in an air-conditioned theater?

Or mowing your lawn and doing housework? Yes, even home improvements count as recreation to a lot of folks! Memorial Day means the big home improvement stores will be packed, and if you’re like most homeowners, your list of projects never ends.

Unfortunately, you may be stuck with a home you’re tired of maintaining and worrying about. And if that house is no longer affordable, “improving it” probably isn’t your top priority. If you’re getting behind, your solution could be closer than you think. While others are considering putting their house on the market now that summer’s here, lots of homeowners just decide to walk away without the headache of repairs, or paperwork.

There are three ways to walk away if you’re getting behind. Two of these scenarios make sense:

  1. Walk away without a plan to recoup any of your loss and possibly damage to your credit.
  2. Walk away having sold your house for cash, sparing your credit and possibly even making some money to relocate and pay some bills.
  3. Walk away with a windfall of cash, because you owned the house free and clear, but didn’t want to live there.

A Parable

This is for you if you are getting behind on house payments or if the house is starting to feel like a burden you can’t get out from under.

A guy (let’s call him “Iron Man”) loved his Harley. All he wanted to do was “ride free” and have space and tools to maintain his prized motorcycle. So Iron Man cleaned out his garage. He was ruthless about clearing out some room, deciding to stop pretending he’d ever use all the gardening tools and sports equipment he’d amassed over the years. All he had was a pile of stuff he didn’t want or need anymore.

What do you think he did with that other “still-perfectly-good” stuff later?

Some people hold a garage sale. Some sell their stuff on Craigslist or eBay. But this guy was decisive and practical. In order to sell it all, he knew there’d be even more time, effort, and up-front costs associated with getting rid all that stuff. What Iron Man really wanted — which he achieved — was extra garage space and freedom from the hassle of moving things around every time he needed to get his bike out.

Having already received a high rate of return (an immaculate and spacious garage) on his investment (his time and work in clearing it out), he decided to simply donate the stuff to charity and get on with his life.

The lesson here is pretty simple. Sometimes it really IS smarter, easier and more cost-effective to just walk away, especially if it means making some cash while you’re at it. But you have to push aside sentimentality, and those voices that say “Now’s not a good time” or “Just wait; you’ll make more money if you sell your house next year” or “You might regret this decision later.”

Your mindset could be holding you back more than simple numbers. Like Iron Man discovered, a decision that pays you TODAY is better than the promises of tomorrow.

On Memorial Day we remember the cost of freedom. You’ve heard the expression “Freedom Isn’t Free,” It was bought and paid for by those who fought for our country. When I talk about “getting free from your house payments,” it doesn’t even compare.

But you can still say there’s no free lunch. When you buy or inherit a house, you get costs and maintenance associated with it. If you want to bypass that inconvenience, there will be a cost in selling it. The trick is to lessen the cost by being smart and realistic.

Sometimes, the first step in doing the smart thing is to simply pick up the phone and get information. If you’d rather be enjoying the long holiday weekend with cash in your pocket, rather than dealing with your house, why not get started and give me a  call? By Labor Day, your life could feel a lot more “free.”

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