How To Sell Your House Quickly When No One’s Borrowing Money To Buy It

Remember when it was easy to sell your house quickly? People were lining up at the banks to borrow money to buy houses in San Antonio..the quicker the better!

If you talk to people selling their house these days you’re going to hear all kinds of stories, but not many like the scenario above. Used to be a traditional REALTOR® listed the house, a traditional buyer got approved for a conventional mortgage and bought the house after the usual time. If the whole process went smoothly, the sale took at the most several weeks, from the moment the house was listed to the moment it closed at the title company.

These days you’re lucky if you can sell your house that quickly. While the San Antonio real estate market is pretty strong compared to the rest of the country, the average days on the market is still 78 days. 

Those 78 days can be the longest days of your life if you’re getting behind on house payments and anxious to sell your house quickly. You’re looking foreclosure dead on when you’re late on house payments for 90 days; these “average” numbers are too close for comfort.

The answer when you’re in a hurry is to locate someone who will buy your house with cash. You don’t want to wait for a mortgage to be approved or repairs to be made; you want to sign off on the sale immediately!

One big reason for the delay in housing sales these days — even in an economy as relatively healthy as San Antonio —  is that the traditional mortgage market’s lost its appeal for consumers.

It’s not that no one wants to buy your house. It’s just that people don’t want to borrow money. And who can blame them? There’s something in the air…

    • The Federal Reserve promised us that interest rates would stay low indefinitely. Why borrow money right now if you can get the same loan at the same terms a year or two from now?
    • There’s a crucial election coming up, Europe’s economy is hanging on by a thread and the US economy itself is barely crawling by many business people’s standards. Who knows where the economy will go from here? The average joe who would qualify for a traditional loan is sitting on the sidelines waiting for a good sign that things are not going to get any worse!
    • The exception: People are refinancing their own houses in record numbers. They are staying put and looking for a better deal on their own property. Not a thing you can do about that.
    • The holidays are coming up; November and December are notoriously slow times for the real estate market.
    • Many households have lower income, and more debt than they did several years ago, which makes them unlikely candidates to take on a mortgage right now.
    • The general risk-taker seems to have gone underground. If a borrower doesn’t have a significant amount to money to put down on a house, one thought may be going through his head: Maybe I shouldn’t be making any predictions about my ability to actually pay back this loan!” This is a sign of the times. Younger people and families are treading very carefully, given their perspective on the last 10 years…and I’ll bet you can think of even more reasons!

I only say this because CASH is what moves properties quickly in San Antonio.

Cash offers and other creative deals like subject-to financing or lease options…That’s always been the case, but even more so today. If you ant to sell your house fast, you’re going to have to line up a cash offer. My team can help you with that — give you some options to think about and let you take control and make your decision, without waiting for some miracle borrower to come in with a new mortgage to save the day. (You’re lucky if that happens, but I wouldn’t hold my breath!)

You may feel the heat to sell your house fast, yet be at the mercy of forces you can’t control…but foreclosure is never a good answer. So what if the stars aren’t lining up to bring a traditional buyer to you in the nick of time? There are other real solutions close at hand.

Just to reassure you, we don’t slow down over the holidays. We enjoy the holidays, don’t get me wrong. But we don’t use them as an excuse to stop working for you for a month! And thankfully, we don’t need to wait for loan approvals from the bank either. You can realistically close on your house within days if you think my offer is right for you.

I’m available to come over and take a look at your home, in any neighborhood, at any time. There’s never a fee for a visit; we often cover most of the closing costs; best of all, the process is FAST. All you have to do is call  210-853-2788.

We can buy your house fast in Texas! Markette Properties presents an unique, simple approach for selling your home! We are real estate investors. We buy houses in Texas just like yours! We are dedicated to the highest professional real estate standards for all of our clients.

Do you want to sell your house fast in Texas for top dollar with the least hassle? Give us a call! (210) 853-2788 or click the button below.


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