How To Sell Your Rental Home While Tenants Still Live There

Being a landlord seemed like a great idea. You’d keep your house, increase your equity in your investment, and collect rent every month to fund it. It seemed like a wonderful, lucrative idea, that is, until you tried it.

So what if you’re ready to just hang up your landlord hat and walk away from the job?

Is it possible to sell your rental home fast without the hassles of waiting for your tenant’s lease to expire?

A better question might be, would anyone even want a tenant-occupied home as an investment, or do they prefer to find their own tenants after they’ve bought your home from you?

The fact is, many management companies and landlords who own multiple properties or multi-unit properties are set up as a business to take care of landlording issues that the single owner isn’t prepared to handle. Repairs, calls in the middle of the night, late rent, the application process, broken leases, evictions…these are all things the professional landlord is equipped to deal with because they have teams in place and budgets to fund the hidden and unexpected costs.

Unfortunately for the owner of a single property, these management issues can be a lot harder to deal with than for someone who already has a “machine” in place and systems to run the property like a business.

Investors who are also in the business of managing properties for tenants may prefer to begin new leases with their own qualified rental applicants — again, because they have an established system for finding the right tenants and beginning a business relationships with them. However, if you really want to sell your house to an investor like Markette Properties, and if you need to sell it fast and just be done with the whole thing, you can do it even if you have tenants living in your house.

In fact, just because you are in the middle of a contract or lease is no reason NOT to find out about selling right now. You could save your self more money and trouble by selling it to an investor who can handle the land lording part while also purchasing your house for cash quickly.

Just to be fair: selling your house to an investor does not automatically mean your tenants will be asked to find another living situation. While some parts of the contract may change in the future, the current lease is legally binding as long as all parties have fulfilled their portion of it. So if you are eager to sell, and your tenant is not eager to move, you can rest assured that you the owner are not doing anything wrong by selling.

If your tenants are not making payments, that’s a different story. Your rental is not bringing in any income so it’s understandable why you’re tired of land lording! Sell your rental home for cash and leave the land lording to someone else.

Markette Properties can help you. No matter what your situation, I guarantee you after over a decade in the real estate business, we’ve seen it all. Give me a call and let’s see what you can do to sell your San Antonio rental home today.

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