Making Home Affordable, Take Two

You’ve probably heard that folksy guitar intro and the new commercial about staying in your home.

The Obama administration is eager to help people lower their payments through this government program. Unfortunately homeowners are slow to jump on board the Making Home Affordable (MHA) program.

The strategy of renaming the program “Making Home Affordable” may bring some qualified homeowners to the table, but rest assured it’s the same HAFA program the government implemented years ago minus the awkward title. (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives)

The newly revamped website plays up the customer service factor, promising “help is a phone call away,” even using a phone number ending in 4673 (HOPE), and testimonials from struggling homeowners about how comforting it was “just to have somebody to talk to.”

In spite of the new less stringent guidelines for qualification, new website design, expansion of a “helpful staff,” folksy radio ads and a new name, people who need to get out from under their burdensome mortgage payments are not flocking to the site in droves.

Is it any wonder? This is a government program we’re talking about. Not exactly the warm and fuzzy place you go when you’re looking for solutions. Have you spent any time at a government office recently? Paid a parking ticket? Visited the county courthouse for any reason? Renewed your driver’s license? Who do they think they’re kidding?

The old strategy of calling an old program by a new name is the government’s last ditch effort to get homeowners who are behind on payments to take a look at mortgage alternatives. The truth of the matter is, there’s really nothing new here.

In truth, I applaud the “Making Home Affordable” effort and sincerely hope it helps some folks who really want to stay in their homes.

But in reality, these government programs have been less than helpful. For someone who is struggling to make ends meet with an underwater mortgage, the solutions — when they are actually tried and applied — have been appallingly slow and difficult.

The answers many homeowners are seeking still remain hidden. The real solutions are still not commonly known. They are not found on government websites. Indeed, for several years laws have made it difficult for private investors and private money to create deals that really work.

However creative solutions abound. The transactions you make that are closer to home (think simple, uncluttered transactions like  paying the babysitter, or trading a lawnmower for a barbecue smoker) just seem more solid and make more sense than turning to the government for a solution. At least that’s the feeling among a lot of San Antonians these days.

In the same way, a mortgage solution need not involve a government program. It could very well sprout from sources closer to home and to your personal interests. Investors with cash to buy your home right now will move heaven and earth to take your mortgage off your hands or help you transform a difficult situation into freedom.

For more creative and a wider variety of legal mortgage solutions, including subject-to and mortgage assignments (options not covered by Making Home Affordable, by the way), please explore this website.

When the government says “help is a phone call away,” on the Making Home Affordable website, what they probably mean is more like twenty phone calls! But If you want to talk to a real person about real solutions, you can call 210-853-2788. I usually pick up right away or call you right back. Your real solution is probably simpler than you think.

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