Protecting Your Home From Foreclosure

If you’re threatened with foreclosure you may be able to prevent this scenario, but you’ve got to act fast. Here are some tips.

1. Don’t ignore your mortgage problem. If you are unable to pay — or haven’t paid — your mortgage, contact your lender or the company that collects your mortgage payment as soon as possible.

2. Do your homework before you talk to your lender or housing counselor.

3. Find your original mortgage loan documents and review them.

4. Review your income and budget. Gather information on your expenses, including food, utilities, car payment, insurance, cable, phone, and other bills.

5. Know your options. You may be able to work out a temporary plan for making up missed payments, or you may be able to modify the loan terms. Sometimes, the best option may be to sell the house.

6. Stick to your plan. Protect your credit score by making timely payments. Prioritize bills and pay those that are most necessary, such as your new mortgage payment.

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