Sell Your House Fast — At Christmas?

So you want to sell your house fast at Christmastime; you may ask “who’s buying?”

In short: the serious buyers.

According to Elena Dan, a RE/MAX REALTOR® in Skokie, Illinois, “Most sellers want to stop by the end of November, and I have to encourage them to let me do an open house during the holidays,” she said. “The truth is that one of the best months I’ve ever had selling homes was in December.”

Of course the holidays are for families and friends. Many people have time off and want to spend it resting at home, or traveling to celebrate Christmas elsewhere.

However those are exactly the reasons why home sales can be so brisk and profitable in December.

Think about it. Yes, it’s a bother to make your home available for showings and inspections (etc.) during the holidays, so you must assess what’s best for you. But if you can tolerate some activity and if you’re motivated to sell, then the Christmas season may provide the magic you’re wishing for to sell your house fast.

Who’s buying?

First of all, buyers at Christmas time are serious buyers. They have an urgent need to purchase a property, either because of a work relocation, for tax reasons, or something personal. Anyone out shopping for a house (when there are other compelling things to do) simply must have a sense of purpose to get a deal done.

Incidentally, the buyer may also be an investor, someone whose “job” it is to efficiently move real estate to satisfy the needs of both buyers and sellers. We’re serious about buying houses all year long. December is no different.

Another good reason to sell in December

Here’s the deal about December real estate markets: There’s less competition. Many homeowners actually take their houses OFF the market during the holidays. Either their realtor doesn’t want to be bothered or they want to relax and enjoy Christmas. Keep in mind that in January more houses will come on the market. More houses for sale means more competition. Competition means lower prices; not a great prospect for the homeowner.

Showing a house is a hassle in any season, let alone during the holidays when social life picks up. December schedules are hectic. The rushing around, the shopping, the decorating. The busy-ness of the season simply adds to the burden, even if selling your house is something you really want to get done. But your efforts could pay off.

Some say it’s easier to sell your house faster at Christmas…

Think about the benefits! Christmas time is usually when your house looks its best. Some sparkly lights, some greenery on the mantle, the smell of cookies baking and candles burning…all make your house seem cozy and inviting. Buyers love that. And you don’t even have to mow your lawn; it’s either dormant or covered with snow. How convenient!

Furthermore, buyers are in the throes of holiday goodwill and cheer. Let’s face it; they’re in the spending mindset that goes along with Christmastime. Why wouldn’t that carry over to the likelihood that they will buy your house? The heartstrings of home pull harder at Christmastime; if you want to sell your house fast, NOW is the time. Think of your buyer; not your own agenda.

Finally, consider those buyers who won’t make a move until they get the opinion of their brother, father or mother. Often those relatives are around during the holidays to urge your buyer on (or hold him back, unfortunately).

These are all considerations if you’re selling your house in the traditional way, with a realtor (who is hopefully eager to work over the holidays) and through a typical agency listing.

But there’s another way to sell your house. In fact there are many!

Right now, there’s a buyer ready to buy your house with cash…without the usual hoops you have to jump through. I don’t need the aroma of freshly baked cookies. I don’t require a perfect house, either. In fact, buying a house needing repairs at Christmastime is just fine with me.

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