Sell Your House Instead of Listing

Some homeowners want to sell their home quickly, and without hassle. Others NEED to sell their home fast.   Many questions come to mind when you need to sell your house quickly:  “How can I sell my house fast?”   “What are my options?”  “How am I going to pay for the needed repairs before selling my house?”  “How am I going to get this burden off my back?”  You may feel like you are under the pressure of a ticking clock, in many cases.

Many homes today can sit on the market for months with barely any interest generated.  There are many hurdles to overcome if you choose to list your house with a realtor:

  • Repairs must be made and updates completed before you list with a realtor.
  • While your home is on the market, your home must be ready for showings almost everyday.
  • You wait for a buyer to make an offer to purchase.
  • Then, you and your buyer will need to agree on a purchase price that works for both parties.
  • Once the home inspection is complete. All issues must be corrected and therefore approved by the buyer
  • The appraisal amount has to be the same or exceed your buyer’s purchase price
  • Finally, the bank must give final approval of your buyer so that the sale is funded.

Not only does that take a lot of time, there are many issues that can arise during the process.

Don’t waste any more time. We are here to help.

Markette Properties is located in San Antonio and is a family owned and operated company. Our number one goal is to help you explore your options. We are cash buyers of real estate properties. We buy houses in and around San Antonio metro areas for cash and, in most cases, we handle all of the closing costs.

The process is simple;

  • Call us now at (210) 853-2788 and schedule a no-cost, no-obligation appointment at your home
  • We will evaluate your home, and discuss your financial situation
  • You will have several options presented to based on your specific needs.

Contact Us Today.