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Benefits Of Paying Cash For A Home

Reasons why sellers like all cash offers. Reasons why buyers prefer paying cash for houses. Learn more benefits of paying cash for a home, in this video.

Reasons why sellers like all cash offers:

1. No appraisal contingency. Appraisals are not cast in gold. The most common method is reliance on comparable sales, known as the comparative method.

2. No loan funding contingency. Even though a buyer may be fully qualified to buy a home at inception, a hundred things can come up during the loan process. More commonly, lenders deny loans because the buyers’ qualifications change upon further scrutiny.

3. Faster closing. A faster closing puts money into the seller’s pocket sooner. A buyer does not need 30 or 45 days to close if the buyer is not obtaining a loan.

Benefits to buyers paying cash for a home: Buyers who pay cash for REO homes tend to win multiple offer situations. Here are other benefits for buyers:

1. No mortgage payment.

2. Sense of security.

3. Available equity in the event of a financial emergency.

4. Market fluctuations do not matter

5. No restrictions on title transfer due to underlying loan

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