When It’s Time To Sell Your House, Three Tips To Help You Decide

One day you’re up, the next day you’re down. Life can be like a merry-go-round, round and round, up and down, no getting off until the ride’s over — and you hope that’s no time soon!

In this business of buying houses for cash, I see it a lot: the struggle to decide to sell your house. Life can be especially confusing when you have a house on your hands that you want to get rid of…except for the times when you don’t. 

Is this ringing any bells? Indecision is one of the worst places to reside.

It doesn’t help that no one can decide what our economy is doing. Just look at the conflicting reports about where we are right now in the real estate cycle.

In my opinion, none of that “news” really matters. What matters — right down to the person — is personal.

Your situation is vastly different from your neighbor’s. What you’re dealing with now has no similarities to the guy across town. Maybe in your house, there’s a new baby, a divorce, you just got a raise or a new job, or perhaps your neighborhood isn’t the same as it once was. These things only matter to you and the people close to you.

Sure there are trends, we can learn a lot from generalities, but when push comes to shove it comes down to the basics for everyone.

How does this affect me and the people I care about?

Circumstances and personal events in your life all affect your decision to stay put, sell your house for cash, try to do a short sale, etc…

But there’s another little-known fact that’s worth mentioning. In fact, no one ever talks about this, but I find it’s one of the strongest influencers on whether to buy or sell now…That is, your level of ambivalence.

Yes, that’s right. What kind of decision maker are you?

Do you see the world as black or white? For some people, there are almost no shades of gray. It’s either one way or another and they can usually pick one side quickly. They land on a decision easily and never look back after making it. For them, there’s no second guessing; they confidently make a call and stick to it.People can rely on these folks to take charge because they take a stance quickly, even if sometimes they don’t consider every angle of a situation.

Then there are others who notice every nuance. They carefully dissect details searching for one factor that holds the most weight for them. They want to settle one way or another, but it’s excruciating to make a decision when they can see both sides of a story. If that’s you, then consider yourself mature, with a complex point of view. You see the big picture. Interestingly, this quality can leads to dissatisfaction when a decision isn’t easily found, and regret over past decisions, even the ones that turned out good!

So how do you go about making a decision? Especially when it’s something as big as moving, relocating, selling your house, or just walking away? Your decision to sell or stay in your home shouldn’t be taken lightly, but sometimes you have to make a final call.

According to psychologist and author Nick Tasler, the three main parts of a decision to sell your house are “Know, Think, Do.”

Know: First you have to know your main objective. Simplify it down to one main thing. For example, maybe the most important goal is to save money, get out of the neighborhood, attain peace in your marriage or family life. Pick the one thing and focus on that priority.

Think: Put some rational thought into your options. And by all means, get a second opinion from someone you know and trust. What would another person do in your situation? Just talking it out can reveal insights to yourself you hadn’t realized were that important to you.

Do: Act on the knowledge you have. The most important thing to remember about a decision is that no decision is ever going to be a perfect solution to anything worth fretting over. It just has to be the best one you have at the time. Tasler points out, “The purpose of a decision is to get you to the next decision.”

When you’re struggling to make a decision over something big — and selling your house is a biggie — the most important thing is to resolve to make one. And then, “Just do it!”

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