Short Sale Tips to Keep Your Sanity

Are you counting down the days until you have short sale approval? Watch this video and learn some short sale tips on how to keep your sanity while waiting.

1. Don’t put your life on hold. Don’t lose sight of your personal goals despite the waiting process. Don’t stop writing, blogging, reading, working out, eating healthy, studying, making music, painting, or whatever program you’re in! Sticking with your personal goals will make the wait that much more worth it, and let’s face it — there’s time to kill.

2. Stay positive. Remember why you put in your offer in the first place. Great location? Bigger space All the amenities? You have already invested time & money, and you’re not someone who gives up easily, right?

3. Don’t hound your real estate agent or home loan expert… as much as you want to. Keep your cell phone out of sight when you should be focused. Chances are the bank won’t get back to your real estate agent with a decision early, and they won’t change their mind if you don’t pick up.

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