Subject-To Deals: Time On Your Side

Subject-to deals are starkly different from short sales. The reason is that calendar on the wall. When foreclosure knocks, is time really on your side? Your lender doesn’t see it that way.

There’s no time to sit and ponder the situation when your bank is threatening foreclosure.  Time is the key decision-making factor when you need to sell a house —  fast!

Short sales are making headlines because they are on the rise in 2012. Behind the scenes (and the media hype) however, the story is more complex. The short sales that are closing now are the ones for which owners started the process many months ago. And the short sales that never got done — the ones people applied for and were denied? The statistics are not as clear…

It’s all about time and your stomach for risking the waste of it…because it could take months for a short sale approval. The clock is always ticking.

The main difference between a short sale and a subject-to sale: TIME!

In fact the more time passes when a homeowner’s behind on payments, the more likely the bank will foreclose. If your main interest is making sure that doesn’t happen, then consider a few things about subject-to sales vs. short sales. Hint, most factors hinge on the timeframe:

While there are no guarantees in real estate, one thing you can be sure of: Subject-to deals are much faster to close than short sales.

A final note on time and the short sale: the longer you wait after receiving a delinquency notice from your lender, the more difficult it is to do a short sale. The bank is losing money each month and is not likely to want to lose more time and money. If time is a factor, you need someone who can work fast to get your house sold. Call us and we’ll set up a time to meet and talk about your immediate needs.

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