Things To Consider When You Inherit a House

Whether the house belonged to your deceased parents or Uncle Morty, dealing with inherited real estate can be both emotionally and financially complicated. Here are some things to consider when you inherit a house:

1. The neighborhood going rate. If the home is in really bad shape, consider marketing it to an investor, who is looking to buy a property “as-is” and flip it.  Rather than spending thousands on update and repair after you inherit the home, investors are willing buy your house without the need of rehab, which could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

2. Condition of the home. If the previous owner had the house for a long time, it will likely require moderate to extensive repairs to bring it up to current aesthetic and safety standards.

3. Cost of a REALTOR®. Consider whether it makes sense to shell out cash for a realtor, or if you feel confident selling the home yourself. Typically, it will cost 6% of the sales price (3% for the listing agent, and 3% for the buyer’s agent).  Also, there are closing costs, appraisal costs, surveys, and buyer’s closing costs.

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