Subject-To Incentives

A lot of people in San Antonio who want to sell their house fast are looking for quick and easy options. They don’t want to wait around for the bank to approve a loan modification or a short sale.

They just want immediate relief.

Subject-to deals — legal and safe in the state of Texas — may be the way to go if you’re facing foreclosure.

Subject-to means the sale is “subject-to” the existing mortgage on the house. The buyer takes title to the property and agrees to make all future payments. That means the seller saves their credit; someone takes over payments, and the old loan remains intact.

This simple transaction has valuable benefits for both parties. Attractive incentives for doing this increasingly popular real estate deal are many.

For the Seller”

  • freedom from mortgage payments or impending foreclosure
  • any type of property qualifies
  • little paperwork and preparation of your home for a sale
  • very fast transaction
  • may be able to stay in the house
  • credit remains intact…even improves over time

For the Buyer:

  • low title fees and closing costs
  • quick transaction
  • no credit checks and loan applications
  • Immediate equity on the property…this is the incentive to make payments. The buyer wants to avoid losing equity.
  • Possible increase in property’s value over time

Now that you’ve got something to chew on regarding subject-to deals, you’ll see why it’s so important now to get more insight into your particular situation. You could be easing the constrictions of your mortgage from your life (and breathing easier).

The subject-to “idea” has been planted. Why not see if it can work for you too?

I’m happy to explain the process, describe a typical time frame for executing a deal, and discuss details and requirements of your situation.  We can buy your house fast in Texas! Markette Properties presents an unique, simple approach for selling your home! We are real estate investors. We buy houses in Texas just like yours! We are dedicated to the highest professional real estate standards for all of our clients.

Do you want to sell your house fast in Texas for top dollar with the least hassle? Give us a call! (210) 853-2788 or click the button below.


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