Top Two Reasons To Sell Your House Now

What was that sound? It was the national housing market hitting the bottom last quarter. That’s reason number one to sell your house now!

According to the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) and Wells Fargo, nearly 74% of all families earning the median income of $64,000 could afford to buy a home in the first quarter of 2013. Today that percentage is 69.3%.

Home affordability is dropping for average income families as the year moves into the last quarter.

Home prices are rising due to labor costs, fewer available lots to build on, and rising building prices of materials. In short, home prices are coming back up.

That’s good news for most sellers. Are you ready to sell yours? I can come by and make you an offer this week!

Reason #2: Have you been thinking of making a short sale? Maybe you need more information or help getting started? Here’s why now may be the best time ever to sell your house.

As of Aug. 1st, 2013, listings with Fannie Mae are now required to remain on the market for 5 days, including a weekend, before the seller accepts an offer. Any buyer can make an offer, but the seller can’t accept one until 5 days have passed and the house has been on the MLS for at least that long. This new rule gives both the seller and the original lender the opportunity to get the best price for the underwater home. The hope is that multiple offers come pouring in, and you’ll be able to choose the best one.

The playing field is completely level for getting the best price the market will bear. That’s great news for the consumer! If you need a hand preparing a short sale, let me know. As a short sale expert, I can make you an acceptable offer — literally, a cash offer that will be accepted by the mortgage company — for that house, you need to sell.

Timing is important. As the clock keeps ticking, yes, the opportunity to bring a higher price is always what you want. Will the competition heat up enough, and quickly enough, to sell your house for more than you could have got last year? For many homeowners, especially those who are behind on their house payments, it’s worth a try.

At what point will you be able to sell it for more than you paid 5 years ago? That’s the million dollar question. Only time will tell.

“Should I sell my house now? Did I time that right? Did I get the best price?”

When you want to sell your house immediately, when you need to sell to get out of a bad situation, or just want to stem your loss on an underwater mortgage; your timing could mean thousands of dollars you pay out — or take in.

Waiting for another month or two might be a good idea if you think the markets will fetch a higher price for your house. On the other hand, every month you wait to sell is another month of mortgage payments and insurance you owe.

If you’re ready to pull the trigger, I can help you get the deal done fast and as easily. My team works hard to keep it simple and straightforward, so you can walk away without any lingering questions.

We can buy your house fast in Texas! Markette Properties presents a unique, simple approach for selling your home! We are real estate investors. We buy houses in Texas just like yours! We are dedicated to the highest professional real estate standards for all of our clients.

Do you want to sell your house fast in Texas for top dollar with the least hassle? Give us a call! (210) 853-2788 or click the button below.


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